Introducing Azar Peyman

Azar Peyman Co. on the eighth of march, 1983, to promote mass participation in development activities and prosperous Iran and the issuance of technical knowledge and operational activities in the international arena, In partnership with Mr. Mohammad Koorehpaz, Mr. Davood Koolahdozan, Mr. Naser Koolahdozan & Mr. Jafar Koorehpaz established under the number 2527 was registered in Tabriz Companies Registration Office.

The company utilizes the latest techniques and human resources and technical expertise has for more than three decades working on multiple projects and large-scale development of active and continuous presence And more than 500 thousand square meters and plan and execute multiple projects on the company agenda.

Azarpeyman co. has already certified the contracting authority in the field of construction and contracting of IRAN Management and Planning Organization. & well as quality management certificate ISO 9001: 2008 from the Institute of CCPL Norway, in order to further promote the noble objectives of institutional and administrative capacity, and licensed homebuilders and building the foundations of a job of the Ministry of Iran Roads and Urban Development. and license number #1 of a member of the Employers Association Mass Housing, Membership and licenses in East Azerbaijan construction companies & is now ranked below:

-A rating in Mass Construction

-A rating in Building

-C rating in installation and Equipment

Account of Accomplished Projects

-Public housing of Azarbaijan railway office

-Residential site of Agricultural college of Ardabil University

-Laboratories & workshops of the departmentin Tabriz University

-Manzariyeh Residential complex

-Resalat Residential complex

-Central library of Tabriz University

-Eskan, Rezvan, Sadaf, Baharan, Vilashar Residential complexes

-Electricc & mechanical installations of Central library of Tabriz University

-Electricc and mechanical installations of ZamZam distillery in Tabriz

-Andisheh Residential complex

-Linear sewage system from S region of Orumia

-Vali amr Residential complex

-Kaaj Residential complex (Azar Peyman)

-Central Library of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

-Kohsaran Residential Comlex

-Negarestan Residential Comlex

-Structures and installations of E, F, and Ef blocks in Sahand University of Industry

-Landscaping of Sahand University of Industry

-Sahand University of Industry Central library of Tabriz University

-Extraterritorial Project Sinvestment

-Heris Islamic Azad University

-Technical-Engineering school of Orumia Islamic Azad University

-Enlargement, development of Orumia University

-Sahand Mehr quarters - Sabalan Comlex

-Sahand Mehr quarters - Yasaman Comlex

-Sahand Mehr quarters - Baran & Negaran Comlexes

Satisfactory Record

-Residential site of Agricultural college of Ardabil

-Construction and manufacturingdep. of Tabriz University

-Central Library of Tabriz University

-Electrical and mechanical installations of Tabriz University

-Central Library University of Medical Sciences

-Landscaping of Central Library of Tabriz University

-Faculty of Engineering Oromiyeh Islamic Azad University

-Enlargement, development of Agricultural University of Ormiyeh

Ongoing Projects

-Steel frame office building of General Directorate of Roads and Urban Development in East Azerbaijan province

-Polymer College of Technology University of Sahand

-NASIM Comerical & Residential Complex

-TARLAN Commercial & Residential Complex

-Negin Golestan Commercial Complex

-Central Library of Technology University of Sahand

-Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Technology University of Sahand

-Sadra-e-Andisheh Residential Complex


His three-ElahiParast, Boulevard Elgoli

KAJ Building, ground floor

Azar Peyman Company

Postal Code: 5166876191








More than 35 years of experience in construction activities and mass Executive

The 1st. Rank

Clever use of company assets Leading regional companies in Azerbaijan In 2015